The Source of Innovation

Are you considering
starting a new business?



Do you have
various ideas,
but don’t know where to start?



We Can Help!




We can provide an
array of blogs and references for
you to read and explore.



We love to promote up and coming businesses on our Start Up Spotlight page.

Braathe Enterprises and its Virtual Internship Program are offering assistance to groups or individuals to bring innovative start-up ideas from inception to launch. In addition to Source of Innovation, we offer several professional classes and specialized training to assist in your goals. Check our page for more details!

If you would like for us to tailor our offerings to your company or to be one of our Spotlight page stars, please contact us at


Jim Foley, Regional Sales Manager at Salient Systems:

“Robert provided excellent knowledge to the sales team regarding not only presentation skills, but also invaluable social marketing skills that I’ve used extensively since the presentation. Robert’s curriculum was designed in such a way that it pulls any speaking vulnerabilities from the individual thus enabling them to learn from their mistakes & add their own personal touch to each presentation.”

Kevin Carey, Principal The Edge of Curiosity:

“As a serial entrepreneur I was delighted to discover and continue to work with an extraordinary intellect, in the person of Robert Braathe of the Source of Innovation Company. In every phase of business, from technology integration to airline service development, from marketing to hotel chain re-imagineering, from his Virtual Network to retail reinvention, from his education initiatives and as a spokesman and communicator he epitomizes the American spirit of progressive innovation.”

Chris Perillo, American Cancer Society, Manager, Training Enterprise Support:

“Robert is on the cutting edge with his innovative thinking and the energy to follow through with his ventures. Working with Robert stimulated my ability to think big and wide while still able to bring ideas in focus and implement them in the real world.”

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